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I Passed the ICND 1 Today.
Tested on the ICND 1 today and passed with 900.  Passing score was 804.  I have absolutely no experience and started studying about 3 months ago.  I read the ICND1 book by Wendell Odom and used How2Pass for about a month.  I have a full time job so I could only study an hour or so after work and a couple hours a day on the weekends.

The test interface is identical to how2pass so I was very comfortable right out of the gate.  The questions that are on the test are the same type that are used in these practice exams.  If you can take the practice tests and pass consistently with a 90% or better you should have no problem with the real test.  I highly recommend How2Pass to anyone who is on the fence about it.  Best study guide I could have found.

There was no survey before the test regarding my experience level.

Definitely using How2Pass for the ICND2 next.  Thanks for the help!!
hi there, congratulations. i am looking to do the exam and would like to know if you have any recommended resources on how to revise the practical exam question.

have you also used in dump files.
Thank you.  Not sure what you mean by revise the practical exam question... Or dump files?  Basically, if you can pass the practice tests under time and a 90% passing score you should have no issue with the real test.  Don't just memorize the answers to the practice tests take the time to understand the questions and answers.

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