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Passed ICND 1
Passed with a 933.  Used a CCNA study guide I bought, took ICND 1 class, and used the How2Pass practice tests.  The worst thing was that I only found out about How2Pass the day before I sat for the exam so I'm not sure I used the site to its fullest potential, but it was VERY helpful.  Here was my study regimen:

Read 5 study guide chapters a week. (three weeks)
Took the ICND 1 class. (one week)
Took the How2Pass ICND 1 "Random practice test all topics" about 6 times the day before I sat for the exam.
Sat for the exam the day the class ended.

About the only thing I plan on doing differently before I sit for the ICND 2 exam is to hit the practice tests earlier than the day before the exam.

I highly recommend How2Pass!


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