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Test question need to be Fixed
There is a test question that is set up incorrectly.

The answer can not be determined due to missing information in the routing table. I have checked online and it is clear that the question is set up incorrectly.

QID-S35 - RIPv2, Stating Routing, Router-on-a-stick

Question 4 - What is the correct statement below after examining the R1 routing table.

Answer - Traffic that is destined to from R1 Lan network uses RIPv2 because the static route AD that is configured is higher than the AD of RIPv2

The problem is that there is no RIP pathway to network in the routing table. The only route present that would go to that network is the static route.

Please fix this and thank you
Please check it now. Configs on R1 and R2 have been fixed. Also improved explanations for Q3 and Q4.
Thank you kind sir! However, now there is another issue. You have taken the static route out of the table now. Both need to be present.

For the answers you have posted both the router rip and the static route need to be present. My apologies for the inconvenience I only wish to help.

Thank you for your quick work and response to the matter, and thank you for your patience.

**EDIT** My apologies with all the studying I have been doing, I forgot that the floating route does not appear in the routing table until it is in use. It is in the show run configuration.
Sorry for my ignorance. Thank you again.

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