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CCENT1 barely failing is still failing
I was surprised by how different the questions on the actual CCENT were. 
Feel like I memorized 650 questions for no reason.
yep...i had the same experience...i used this site as a supplement though....really have to do labs and understand the concepts....i barely passed by 20 points.
Congrats on the pass! Honestly, I had studied for the CCNA (using this site as well as other resources) for a few months, and was 100% through. In July, due to some (bad) advice from my recruiter, I decided to cram-study for the CCENT for 3.5 days and take THAT test. Unfortunately, during the test, I assumed that I was failing horribly and decided to rush through (i.e. not do) some easy configs and test questions near the end. When my score popped up, I was SHOCKED that I was closer to passing than I had originally thought. . I didn't spend enough time on certain subjects, but I honestly thought that those subjects were eliminated at this time.

I've decided to go back to the CCNA format, because I feel more confident about it (plus I need it). 

Congrats again!!
Anybody passed the test on August 2019?
Passed the CCNA, so yes i personally prefer the CCNA format.
(09-24-2019, 09:13 PM)armiller0987 Wrote: Passed the CCNA, so yes i personally prefer the CCNA format.
How is the CCNA format better? Do you mind explaining?

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