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PASSED 640-802
So after about a month of self-study using only How2Pass I was able to pass the CCNA (640-802) with a score of 888.  No doubt more study time would have led to a higher score but I was under a time constraint at work.  I do think it only fair to mention that I have re-certified my CCNA 5 times now so I am not new to the material.  It is really more about learning the new test styles as Cisco likes to change them up every few years.  I would not recommend someone brand new to the CCNA experience attempt to study for only a month.

I will say that How2Pass simulates the actual exam fairly well, but not as well as it has in the past.  On the 640-802 the testlets/simlets and even some of the actual simulations are handled somewhat differently than how How2Pass presents them.  That was disorienting.

I had 2 simlets/testlets and 2 simulations.  I had the Switch and Frame-Relay testlets and the NAT and Basic Router Simulations.  The Switch and Frame-Relay testlets looked completely different then the way How2Pass presents them and the Frame-Relay answers were completely different on the actual exam.  The NAT simulation was presented exactly with only different addresses.  The basic router sim was delivered in the same format as the testlets but was exactly the same content as covered on How2Pass.

In closing I would highly recommend this site to anyone studying for the CCNA with the advise that this site should be used to develop concepts and understanding of the testing environment only.  Do not attempt to memorize the answer/question combinations or you might be in for a rude surprise come test time.

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