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Big Grin 
Passed the Route test with a very solid score!  Cool

I have to say: the hands on labs section is a LIFESAVER and worth the ENTIRE price of the two months of access. Make sure you know them because I would've had a way harder time had I not seen them before. The simlets are also very good practice. Get comfortable with them, as I'd say bet the farm you'll see them both on the test!

Many questions from the recently updated questions section, really they were almost exclusively from that section, I'd say about 80% of the questions, and then some which if you did any study besides using this site you could either take a very good guess at, or you'd know the answer. I'd strongly recommend knowing all of those questions by heart before going into the testConfused

I had like 6 PPPoE questions which kind of surprised me, a couple of them (sorry I can't remember what, exactly) which really threw me a curveball and I know I missed. They have also re-worded a few questions so make sure you read carefully!  Idea

How2Pass, keep doing what you're doing! I'm trying to beat the clock on the CCNP and I know I can do it with y'all helping me out!

At first my congratulations !
Can you tell me where can I find "hands on labs section" and "recently updated questions section" ?

Thanks in advice.

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