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Question clarification STP root bridge priority
I have a question with QID:AN183  on the ccna exam.   

The question is simply which switch becomes the root bridge?  

I  am give 4 switches, 2 pairs that share the default priority of 32768, and 30000 respectively, and one with a higher mac than the previous.   The issue that I have is bridge priority of 30000 is invalid as it is not a multiple of 4096.  Since this is an invalid priority I went with the switch with 32768, and the lower mac.  This was incorrect stating root bridge election is based on the lowest bridge priority.  I agree with that however 30000 is not a valid priority that can be configured which to me is a red flag, and throws out it as an option.  

The clarification that I'm looking for is if we know what cisco's stance on this would be, as this would be a potential gotcha.

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