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Passed CCNA
I passed (Pearson\Cisco shows as such and not the dreaded 'pending') but score hasn't populated which is frustrating.

I would say there were about 10 (maybe less maybe more) that weren't on the How2pass practice test. But if you understand the questions and answers on the How2pass you should be fine as the questions that weren't on the exam weren't totally foreign to me. I only recall one question I had never seen from a practice exam or read anywhere else.

I used the CCNA Wendell Odom book (1 and 2). Pearson, Boson (Boson is way better) and How2Pass. I also had a simulator that had labs that I bought from Pearson, but as there's no configuration required, I don't think labs help with the test, although good for on the job practice. I also found an app on the Google Play store (for my Android phone) that was good and free. If you search CCNA it's like the second or third option. One I installed is created by a Mounir Hmidi.

One last thing. Once you complete the test and you're on pins and needles waiting to see result, Pearson wants you to take surveys about the test so be prepared for that. Also, when I opted to not take the last survey the screen went away not telling me whether or not I passed. This was also the case when I failed the test a month ago. I had to go back into the Pearson site, login and check for result but in my case I still had to wait 5 min. before it came back saying 'passed'.....but without a score. So anyway, Pearson VUE kinda sucks so know that.

Good luck!

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