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qestions about sims on the real test
do the sims in the real test let you [tab] auto complete? because the sims in this don't, I'm having some what of a hard time with them because I'm so use to "tabing" in packet tracer and in the cisco classes. also do you have to click done on them? 
I just did the exam today and auto tab did not work.  The ? did work.
And all short commands  did, .i.e sh run, conf t, copy run start
thanks a lot for the info now I know I have to remember the full syntax. 
I'll be taking the CCNA exam tomorrow, and seeing as the ? works, couldn't one just insert this character in the middle of a command to fulfill the same feature as TAB's auto-complete? This would presumably show the command in its entirety below it, similar to the standard use for ?. I know this works on the current IOS, but I'm not too sure about its use during the exam.


10 R1# co?
20 configure connect copy


10 R1# conf?
20 configure

If you type a set of unambiguous characters distinct to a specific command, then this will work essentially the same way as the TAB auto-complete, and remembering the full syntax is not required!

I'll be sure to verify its workability after I take the exam tomorrow...wish me luck!  Big Grin
Update: the above method does indeed work!
It would seem to me if ? works and also shortcuts like "conf t" "en" work it wouldn't be a problem at all, especially since tab wont work unless you have ruled out all other possibilities anyhow. My worry is, how similar to packet tracer is it... like in packet tracer I do "copy r s" for copy "running-config startup-config" it works in packet tracer but I have never used a real cisco device so I worry that it may not work in a test.

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