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Passed CCNA 640-802 exam
I passed the CCNA 640-802 with a score of 961 today and 25 minutes remaining.

Had 50 questions with 3 sims, VLAN/STP, EIGRP routing and a ACL sims.  There were 3 questions on IPv6, one was EUI-64.  Make sure you can subnet quickly and summarize routes before taking the exam as they could cost you too much time if you are slow.

I spend 5-6 weeks in my spare time reading both the Exam Prep CCENT and Exam Cram CCNA books from QUE publishing, then went through all the questions on how2pass and also setup a small lab at home.  How2pass is well worth the money and I'll be using it again for CCNP and CCNA-Security if if they become available.

Awesome, bud! Congrats!

I was wondering which of the sims you took were simlets and which were simulations?

On a side note, I also studied from the ExamCram CCNA book, and though I found it informative and very easy to understand, there are many, many mistakes throughout the book (mislabeled pictures, incorrect answers to questions, incorrect commands). It would do one well to verify information learned from that book with another source, though I really like the ExamCram "cheatsheet" study guide that comes with the book.

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