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Thank you H2P!  I got the OSPF configure and NAT Simulations.  I thought I would get the EIGRP and ACL one like everyone else.  I froze for a bit but took my time and worked my way through it.  My simlet was the VTP/VLAN.

How are the SIMS determined..are they purely random from a pool?  It seems like I was the only one to get those 2 from the posts I have read.

Bottom line, H2P, thorough studies using Wendell Odom's newest books, and packet tracer labs will prepare you well.

Good luck to ALL who take this test...If you over prepare it will be underwhelming. 
They had you set up NAT on ICND1? Or did you do the comprehensive?
Sorry...the 604-802 Composite.

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