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Passed today. :)
Passed today!!!!  Got 960.  Needed 825 to pass.  That was a lot of material to cover and I wouldn't have done it without how2pass.  Thanks How2Pass.  Personally, this was a lot of work and it was not an easy test.  If I have any advice, it is to study your ass off.  I sure did.  I got the EIGRP S16 lab, the ACL S17 & S29 lab and the S14 VLAN STP lab.  Don't overlook the WLAN questions because I had a few from them.  A lot of the questions from this site r on the test but some of the multiple choice answer options are different.  Nevertheless, this site should prepare you enough to pass them.

To prepare,  I did the Boson NetSims and read the Steve McQuerry ICND1 and ICND2 books.  And of course, this site. Best luck to all of you.

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