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CCNA - 640-802 Exam FAILED Today. ugh
Please, for the love of god do not rely on H2P as your only means of prepping for the CCNA. I've been studying to recertify for the past 5 months, started using H2P in Jan along with Cybex and Cisco Press ICND1 and ICND2. Read the books, then spent a month on H2P before taking the exam. A few of the questions were similar and kind of helped. I had 48 questions an 90 minutes.

What i find irritating is that I just finished up all my CCNP exams, but in order for the recert to be valid, I had to re-take the CCNA, which i thought would be a breeze compared to the CCNP exams.
In a real life work enviornment, the majority of CCNA won't really apply, some will most won't. I probably need to get updated CCNA study material.

My final score was 656 and needed 825 as a passing score.

I had the EIGRP Simulation, the ACL Simulation and a 5 question VTP testlet that hosed up. it wouldn't let me select answers to the question or cycle through the 5 questions. Had to inform a TSA and skip it. Quite a few IPV6 questions, but it was mostly focused on WAN, frame relay, authentication and only a few subnetting questions.
Well a quick update from a week or so ago, after informing the TSA and him witnessing the strange behavior of the sims on the exam, he opened up a ticket with pearsonvue, I opened up a ticket with pearsonvue and cisco.

Cisco spent about 9 days investigating my case and then......
To my surprise, cisco apologized and gave me a voucher to retake the exam.  Big Grin

It is scheduled for the 4th, I wanted to take it this week but my wife just gave birth so I have my Cisco Press ICND books here and I'm just hitting the chapter reviews.. but I feel very confident. This will be my 3rd CCNA recert. lol, I'll update my score after I take the exam.

A bit of advice.. if you experience any weirdness during your exam, (mouse respones, system freezes) stop what you are doing and report it right away to the TSA. As much money as we pay for these exams, they should be flawless without the added stress of system malfunctions, it just causes added anxiety and a possible missed question that you knew you had right.

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