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CCNA / CCNP Home Lab
I am trying to setup my home lab.

Its consists of 3 2610s, 2 2950s and 1 3550.

I want to use the 3550 as a layer 2 switch only (at this point).

Im having problems getting it to connect to the 2610.

I see the vlan 1 and fa0/1 (in switchport mode) up. But CDP isnt working.

Can someone point me in the right direction ? Output is given below ...

3550_1#show ip int br
Interface                  IP-Address      OK? Method Status                Protocol
Vlan1                YES manual up                    up
FastEthernet0/1            unassigned      YES unset  up                    up
FastEthernet0/2            unassigned      YES unset  down                  down
FastEthernet0/3            unassigned      YES unset  down                  down
FastEthernet0/4            unassigned      YES unset  down                  down

3550_1#show cdp nei det
Can you pls send configurations for both ports?
did you try cmd CDP RUN ?

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