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CCENT 100-105
I'm joining this forum after not passing the exam. I have years of actual networking experience and used Wendell Odom's books in preparation to make sure I would be doing it "the Cisco way". I used the Pearson resources and Cisco Learning for additional practice. I still encountered subject matter that was not covered in any of this material. VoIP phone configuration and serial port troubleshooting, for example. I was graded low on the "Networking Fundamentals", which I can't believe. I'm getting tired of shucking out money and then being surprised at the exam.

Will how2pass cover everything I need to know in order to pass the exam, and CCNA thereafter? Or is this just another moneymaking venue?
Is it better to take on the full CCNA instead of the two halves separately?
Does anyone have any experience in getting a refund from these other resources? I at least want to lodge a complaint about what I see as a misleading practice on their part.
Since you have networking experience, I would suggest to prepare for single CCNA exam.

We do not provide any pass-guarantee because we believe it is a marketing strategy that is actually harmful for end user because it creates a false sense of security. A good approach would be to use practice tests to find your weak areas and fill the gaps between a text book and real exam environment.

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