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  CCNA with no experience
Posted by: htog - 01-17-2010, 06:11 PM - Forum: General - Replies (1)

I am interested in the CCNA.  I have no network experience.  I have 10 years of experience as a security application developer/tech lead.  I am a CISSP and a CISA.

As we all know security is required in both the application and network layers.  My overall goal is to understand what security is required and how it gets implemented at the network layer.  I would never do the actual implementation but would interface with those who do.

I was thinking that I would merely read a few network books but then I thought why not go for the actual certification.

Does anybody have any thoughts, how much work would it be to get the CCNA (with no exp) and is it even worth it given my goals ?

Thanks in advance for any comments

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  Passes today with 9++
Posted by: kamelia - 01-15-2010, 04:42 PM - Forum: CCNP ENARSI 300-410 - No Replies

thank god. i thought i will fail this exam. really give up at the final question but the result really awesome. i got 3 labs. ospf virtual link, eigrp stub & redistribte ISIS<->EIGRP. thanks a lot h2p. good luck for everyoneSmile

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  Passed the test today with 869
Posted by: b_rasheed - 01-15-2010, 04:36 AM - Forum: CCNP ENARSI 300-410 - Replies (3)

I would like to thank H2P for their hard work in this website, and I want to thank our members who shares their knowledge with us.

The test was hard today but i made it with 869, good luck to everyone.

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  CCNA Recertification: Be Careful!
Posted by: jakesteramma - 01-14-2010, 07:57 PM - Forum: General - No Replies

I'm posting this in hopes that others don't make my mistake.

I'm trying to get my CCNA again. It expired in 2007. I went to Cisco's website and it said that you need to only take the ICND 2 exam to recertify. So that's what I did. I passed the ICND 2 exam (thank you How2pass!!!) and then waited about a month to get my certificate.

It didn't come. So I called Cisco and inquired. They said that I have to start over because my previous certification expired. The only thing the woman on the phone could do for me is submit a recommendation to the website people that they be more explicit on the website.

In my opinion, their website SHOULD say.... "If your previous certification has expired, you will need to pass the full exam. If it has not expired, you need only to pass the ICND 2, or ......".

So be careful everyone and GOOD LUCK TESTING!!!!

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  Passed BSCI
Posted by: Jigsaw - 01-14-2010, 10:30 AM - Forum: CCNP ENARSI 300-410 - No Replies

Hi All

I passed the BSCI exam today, i got 893.

I didnt get much on BGP which i thought i would. I did however get quite a lot on ipv6 and OSPFv2 and v3.

I got 3 sims: Redistribution, OSPFv3 virtual links & EIGRP summarisation. The OSPFv3 virtual links & EIGRP summarisation were spot on but the redistribution was a little different.

Two things. The metric for ISIS was to be 57 not 50 and also EIGRP routes int ISIS had to be level-1 only.

How2Pass is great, ive used them for CCNA, ONT and now BSCI and they are all spot on. I got a couple of new questions but they were not hard and if you know the routing protocols then the answers are easy.

Id definately recomend people look at IPv6 and multicast these were areas that seemed to come up alot. I think Cisco are starting to realise that IPv6 is going to be a big thing.

Good luck to anyone else taking the exam.

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  Valid IPv6 Addresses
Posted by: dallasskins - 01-12-2010, 03:02 AM - Forum: Answer this question - No Replies

Is there any quick and sure fire way to tell if an IPv6 address is valid or not. I know it ask this question at least once during the exam and I recognize the IPv6 loop back but a normal host address is a little more difficult to tell if it is valid or not. I am also aware that if it has any hexadecimal character above a f it isn't valid, but I really need some good solid info on how to determine quickly if an IPv6 address is valid or not. Thanks,

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  Question NB88
Posted by: penisberg_francis - 01-11-2010, 09:27 PM - Forum: CCNP ENARSI 300-410 - No Replies

just wondering if anyone else thinks this questions is wrong... The part about eigrp authentication requiring simple text or MD5... am i missing somthing?

my test is tommorrow and i thought i should clarify


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  QID- NF57 Which 2 statements are true about BGP.....
Posted by: contiva - 01-10-2010, 10:09 PM - Forum: CCNP ENARSI 300-410 - Replies (1)

hi, whats with Q NF57, answers keep changing...

TCP is used for reliability is fine
if I select "BGP will never send a message unless it is triggered" then its marked incorrect.
answer given is BGP is a path vector protocol

Now if I select BGP is a path vector protocol  then its marked incorrect.
then given answer is "BGP will never send a message unless it is triggered"

Ive never heard of a path vector protocol  ;D

Admins - whats up with the exam?

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  Passed BSCI today with a 905
Posted by: dmick - 01-08-2010, 09:23 PM - Forum: CCNP ENARSI 300-410 - Replies (2)

;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D

Passed today with a 905! Thanks H2P, invaluable material on here! Going to Vegas to celebrate for a few days then study for BCMSN which I should be taking in a couple of weeks. On to the exam:

Time was more of a factor than I had anticipated; 9 minutes left at the end. I did not see as much IPv6 and BGP as I was thinking. Quite a few multicast and very heavy on EIGRP. Sims were all from H2P: OSPFv3 virtual link, EIGRP stub and summarization. EIGRP testlet was almost identical. I didnt see many questions that were not covered here. Had one question that looked like it should have been from the ISCW test; some IPSEC tunnel thing. Anyway, know your stuff, get the sims down, do plenty of practice on H2P and you should do fine. I was suprised at my 905, didnt think I would do that well. Anyway, off to fabulous Las Vegas!!! See you on the BCMSN board!


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  Question - NG39 Multicast RP
Posted by: dmick - 01-07-2010, 04:03 PM - Forum: CCNP ENARSI 300-410 - No Replies

I was wondering if anyone could explain the solution to NG39? I am confused  :-\

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