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how to register?
I am planning to do self-study for the CCNA exam. Can anyone please help me how should i register for the exam. Is it done online or i have to register at the examination center.

I have 4 Cisco Press Books: Network Fundamental by Dye McDonald Rufi
                                      Routing Protocols and Concepts by Graziani Johnson
                                      Accessing the WAN by Vachon Graziani
                                      LAN Switching and Wireless by Lewis

And i also have book by Todd Lammle sixth edition.

Which book should i study from?
Please guys help me, thanks in advance.
Visit and locate a test center in your area. Register online or visit that testing center and register your exam.

Todd Lammle book is good for general understanding of the exam topics, if you are already in the networking field, but you need Cisco press books for in depth understanding of these topics.
Thanks a lot, i finally figured out how to register for the exam. I am planning to start studying with Sybex Todd Lammle. I also have cbt nuggets videos (2 cds), do u think they are useful from the CCNA exam point of view?
I thought the CBT Nuggets videos were excellent.  If you have those, the Lammle book and a how2pass subscription, you should be good to go.
Hi flintlock,

The CBT Videos that i have, should i try to complete them before the Todd Lammle book??
I would primarily use the CBT videos and use the book as a reference.  Both will compliment each other.  Also, try and get some lab equipment.  Some people use the GNS3 software, but I think in the end it's easier and more beneficial to use real world equipment.
thanks, i will concentrate on CBT videos from now on, and yeah i will be getting a lab for practice later on, currently i am using Packet Tracer..

is the topic SDM and DNS configuration important for the sim type of questions ?

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