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Passed ICND1 - First time with 3 weeks prep!
Hi BigD5X,

Did you take your ICND2 exam? If you did, how was your experience?
Took my INCD2 today and passed!!  Didn't sign up for H2P or GNS lab. I used PacketTracer and few 2950 switches and 1841 routers for all my hands on lab. Good luck to everyone who will be taking the exam. Study hard, learn the concept and you should be find on the exam.
Sorry for bringing this old topic back, but what CBT Nuggets was the OP referring to? I am going to start on studying for the ICND1...i have the Odom books as PDF file. Please provide tips on how i can study with saving money also. I also went to the simulation lab site that the other poster mentioned, but didnt see any simulation labs to work on. Thanks.

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